How do. I'm Dr Jason Fox—Motivational Speaker (of sorts),* Bestselling Author, Wizard-Rogue & Leadership Advisor

I overthink Leadership, Motivation & Work°

* Favouring quality thinking over hype, fluff & fist-pumping rah-rah
° That is: pioneering leadership, the science of motivation & the future of work

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Why? Well, partly to counterbalance the lack of thought given to many of the buzzword leadership concepts that pervade our zeitgeist. But mainly: to evoke quality thinking, better conversations & braver, wiser decisions.

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It’s high time—we are amidst future history’s most significant shift in how the world works


{clasps hands behind back, looks to horizon}

In times past, leadership folklore viewed the world as complicated yet predictable—the focus was simply on what can be controlled, measured, optimised. This quaint approach worked well in the Industrial Age, where the goal was to be productive & efficient. 

{lights wizard pipe}

But the Industrial Age is dead. The world has since become a giant network, where instantly accessible and shareable information rewrites the future as quickly as it can be understood.* In this new and infinitely complex landscape, it’s far more important to stay progressive & effective.

* As from the Responsive Org Manifesto.

And yet even now, this Information Age is at dusk. As we stand at the cusp of the Conceptual Age, pioneering enterprise leaders must navigate new shifts in the dance: from hierarchies & centralised control to networks & distributed authority, from robust & linear planning to antifragile & fractal experimentation, from stale bureaucracy to agile responsiveness, from profit-obsessed to purpose-driven... and so on.

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Such change behooves a refreshed leadership philosophy, enterprise strategy and culture—one that’s fit for the storm, and a world less predictable.


{turns to face you, cloak swooshes, claps once, beaming}

Hence why you and I are here. What magic shall we create, I wonder? What change might we evoke? And what clever can we make happen in this new world?

Let’s find out...

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Services & Such


A Motivational Speaker for Leadership

I provide insightful and pragmatic keynote presentations and thoughtful provocations to forward thinking leaders around the world. People say things like ‘best motivational speaker ever’, and in 2016 I was awarded Keynote Speaker of the Year.

Keynote topics & event enhancement...



Masterclasses & Strategic Offsites

From Motivation Design to Quest-Augmented Strategy, a masterclass allows us to positively grapple with dangerous new ideas and learning. Ideal in-house, or as an integrated element of your next strategy or leadership offsite.

Masterclasses & offsite packages...



Pioneering Leadership Development

In a world where everyone is busy and distracted, how do enterprise leaders actually pioneer new motivation and meaningful progress (into uncharted territory, toward future relevance) with agility, wit and savvy?

In part, with a tailored leadership program—that's how.

Tailored leadership programs...

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Btw, my Services Guidebook provides a generous overview of offerings & includes a fee guide.

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Happy Clients

I work with pioneering leaders. It's wondrous.

They work for organisations like these:


And they say really nice things, too. Things like:


“Incredibly insightful.”

CEO of Arup Australasia

“Extremely refreshing.”

Director, CEO forum at Gartner

“Relevant, practical & compelling.”

VP & Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research at UNSW

“Thoughtful, pragmatic & progressive.”

Executive General Manager at Suncorp


Shall we?

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For all bookings & enquiries, contact Kim* via or +61 3 9108 1127

* Dr Kim Lam (aka the dangerlam) my illustrator-vet partner & business manager.



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