What-ho and well met, fren. I’m a wizard masquerading as a leadership advisor. Here are my recent musings. 🧙‍♂️·~*:・

Wherefore Art Thou Worde? • 2020/12/30

Reflections, Introspections & Projections

Move Quietly and Plant Things • 2020/11/05

Solarpunk sensibilities for enterprising tricksters

The Learning Future (a podcast appearance) • 2020/10/27

A conversation with education futurist Louka Parry

Warlocks at work • 2020/09/15

And the Enterprise Egregores they feed

Spicy Questions • 2020/09/08

Bring flavour, depth and warmth to panel discussions

Museletter—‘Web Prancing’ • 2020/08/28

Including a very brief mention of an onion

Keeping afloat in group conversations • 2020/08/27

A disposition for online communities

The Future of ‘Professional Speaking’—a warm take • 2020/08/23

Notes for my erstwhile colleagues

These two questions do it for me every time • 2020/08/15

A contemplative ‘omm’—and the ‘awe’ that follows

A new website • 2020/08/13

And a renewed beginning

Heralding your Word • 2019/12/31

An act of manifesting

The Web is the Warp • 2019/11/04

Navigate like a wizard