The Wizardry of Dr Fox

Dr Fox wizardry masterclass

I frequently serve within the dubious fields of Leadership Development, working with those who seek +meaningful progress amidst complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt.1

This has me oscillate between speaking at large global conferences and virtual gatherings, to working intimately with the executive leadership teams of Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies, universities, research organisations and social enterprises.

Hear what my clients say.

As a philosopher-poet, I’m disinclined to ‘formalise’ any offerings (lest they ossify)—but the following vignettes may offer some hints as to the Roles I play, and how we might work together.

  • I manifest (virtually or otherwise) to deliver timely, relevant, warm, insightful, interactive and apt keynote presentations. These can be the ideal pattern-disrupt, and the precursor to new ways of thinking, working and relating. Learn more.

  • I work with leaders to create, curate and cultivate efficacious deep-dive leadership off-sites and quest-oriented leadership programmes for those who seek the wisdom and savvy to lead meaningful progress (beyond the default). Learn more.

  • I work with executives, founders, innovators and artists as a complexity practitioner and thinking partner. This is my most intimate and esoteric offering—I work with no more than three (3) such folk at any one time. Learn more

I’m am—how to put this?—not for everyone.
But I might be for you. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The Ritual of Becoming When not trickstering in Enterprise Land, I am composing what might become known as ‘The Character Handbook—a post-authentic guide to role-playing life’. Here I also serve as conjurer of The Ritual of Becoming—an online learning programme designed to help you find/fabricate new motivation, meaning and enchantment in life.

I’ve written a couple of bestselling books.

How to Lead a Quest‘unlock new and meaningful progress in the quest for enduring relevance’.2 This is a book for innovators and strategists.

The Game Changer‘shift behaviour, shape culture; a refreshing approach to motivation at work’.3 This is a book for team leaders.

The dangerlamand I also made an independent magazine4 called The Cleverness Biannual‘thoughtful provocations for the quietly dissatisfied’.

Finally, I serve as seneschal to The Mythical Coterie of the Fox—a cozyweb network of complexity practitioners and philosopher-poets.

  1. Aka: ‘transformation’. I hesitate to use such a now-corrupted word, but transformation is what these times call for. A storm is coming (it’s already here). 

  2. This book opens the gateway to Enduring Relevance, liberating leaders from The Curse of Efficiency and The Delusion of Progress. 

  3. I’ve thoroughly outgrown this book, but many people still love it. 

  4. It was a foolish idea—but also: a passion project and a joy to behold.