A Wizard Advisor

Wizard Mentoring

I work with executives, founders, innovators and artists as a complexity practitioner and thinking partner.

It’s a wondrous and joyous thing—almost like deep executive coaching (but not at all). In this mode, I’ve helped fellow mages work through myriad complex challenges, including:

developing metamodern wizardry—a kind of proto-synthesis of stories, scientific studies, symbols and sense, ever updated so as to be most efficacious and apt. Some might call this ‘developing thought leadership’;

preparing and delivering insightful keynote presentations with astute alacrity and aplomb (in a way that is refreshingly authentic and deviant to convention);

cultivating ‘character’ and fluidity as a leader in the oft-nefarious world of self-development and myth-making (the parallel-opposite of personal branding);

navigating personal existential ‘crises of meaning’ as a proxy for adult development (complexity savvy) and metamodern sense-making;

leading a quest, into the storm (and away from the stagnant and increasingly-suspect refuge of the established defaults), whilst somehow keeping others onboard and abreast; and

finding ‘meaningful progress’—personally, professionally, and collectively—through the process of transformation and change (in the ever-quest for enduring relevance).

Mayhaps I can be your wizard advisor, too? Mayhaps.

My engagements in this manner run for a minimum of one season (3 months) and start at 6 gold coins.1 It is, by far, my most intimate offering—I only work with up to three (3) such folk at any one time in this manner. If you are interested in this esoterica, do get in touch.

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  1. A gold coin weighs about 34g, or 1.2 gold ounces (as a guide). Mundane currencies also accepted.