The Cleverness Biannual

The Cleverness Biannual

‘Thoughtful provocations for the quietly dissatisfied’

Issue Ø of our limited (first and only) print magazine explores the paradox of clarity/ambiguity. The dangerlam and I made this back when we were peak hipster. As such, no expenses were spared in paying our writes, designers, printers and so on. Only the lushest paper stock, with a gold foil and embosssed cover, all printed locally.

Hoho: the result? A beautiful, gorgeous, timeless publication dancing betwixt business, philosophy and borne of a unsustainably generous business model. Luckily, we dubbed it ‘Issue Ø’, which was most perspicacious of us. Here are some spreads:

The Cleverness Biannual Spead 1 The Cleverness Biannual Spead 2 The Cleverness Biannual Spead 3 The Cleverness Biannual Spead 4 The Cleverness Biannual Spead 5 The Cleverness Biannual Spead 6

Issue Ø includes:

A SPECIAL KIND OF BROODING · How to know what to do when you don’t know what to do · Dr Jason Fox

BETWEEN OBSERVER AND OBSERVED · Variations on a theme · Amanda Gefter

ADVERSE CAMBER · There are no road signs or directions for where you’re going · Jen Storey

THE MEANING OF DANCING IS THE DANCE · Why the only problem with uncertainty is the way we keep struggling to avoid it · Oliver Burkeman

MULTIPLE TRUTHS AND MOUNTAINS · Why simplicity is not the answer in a complex world · Patrick Hollingworth

PIONEERING EVENTS WITH PURPOSE · An interview with Wildwon

METAPATTERNS OF TIME · Notes from Eddie Harran

FUZZY LINES · Reflections on the limitations of clarity · Rohan Gunatillake

TASTE OF HUMANITY · China, relationship-based culture and the future of work · Qing Qing Chen

NAVIGATING UNCERTAINTY · How to succeed when you don’t know where to start · Alison Randel

WISDOM DOES NOT COME FROM DATA · The art of finding insight in numbers that don’t always tell the truth · Dr Andrew Pratley

THE PARADOX OF PIONEERING · An interview with Dominic Price


THE SPIRIT OF CLARITY · Gin tasting with Sebastian Costello

And more.

We still have a few copies of this limited edition print publication available—email to enquire and acquire.