Oh good, you’re here.
Just in time, too.

Cloud by dangerlam for Dr Jason Fox

We’re in the storm now.


Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, paradox & doubt—this is the storm within which we must lead.


There is no safe harbour. No stability, certainty, simplicity, nor clarity to cling to.

This storm shan’t blow over—it’s the evertstorm: it’s here to stay. The tall will topple, the heavy will sink, and the slow will sunder.

Cloud by dangerlam for Dr Jason Fox

To survive, we need to adapt.
But to thrive, we need to pioneer
—deeper, into the storm.

Cloud by dangerlam for Dr Jason Fox

And for pioneering leaders, there’s one question that serves to guide above all others:—


“Is this meaningful progress?”

Or is this but a rich delusion of progress?

Cloud by dangerlam for Dr Jason Fox

But ho, avast! What do we mean by ‘meaningful’ progress?

Apt question—we’re in the realm of practical philosophy now. Nonetheless, I shall keep things succinct: meaningful progress is that which brings us closer to future relevance.

And what constitutes future relevance? Well now, there’s an important question—the veritable precursor to progress.

Answering such requires curiosity, empathy, wit and savvy. It also benefits greatly from pioneering strategy & leadership, and an enterprise culture fit for the future of work.

Are you sure you want to hunt this rabbit?

Very well. 

And so begins...


The Quest for Enduring Relevance...

Cloud by dangerlam for Dr Jason Fox