Quest Facilitation


A quest is ‘the search for a viable alternative option to the default’.1 I wrote a bestselling book on how to lead a quest—but that’s another story. Here I shall briefly describe how I serve valiant teams undertaking significant quests. In corporatese, we might think of this as ‘strategic innovation’, ‘leadership development’, ‘enterprise transformation’ and so on.

I’m not terribly interested in perpetuating ‘the theatre of innovation’ (much as I do relish in the theatrics). But if you seek meaningful progress—beyond the default—here are some ways we can work together.

  • I invest much of my time immersed in the noösphere, and have accrued a fair degree of nous (‘practical intelligence’) that can be distilled and shared with teams seeking to work more effectively amidst complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt. I thus manifest to serve as a ~teacher of sorts, offering perspicacious insights pertaining to ~motivation, ~leadership development, ~values, knowledge work, ~self-organising cultures, sense-making, antifragility, negative capability, metamodernism and more. If you are interested in deepening your team’s collective understanding of the contemporary leadership concepts vital for our times—I may be your wizard.

  • I co-develop and facilitate wondrously immersive off-sites in extraordinary locations for a diverse range of progressive leadership teams. Without my sage input, an offsite runs the very real risk of simply being a superficial junket, or merely ‘an extended meeting in a remote venue’. But you and I both know; they can be so much more. There’s a profundity and enchantment that can be accessed in artful gatherings; offsites can be ~transformational. Whole new possibilities hatched from the confluence of diverse minds staying immersed in generative ambiguity, tension and paradox (at depth). Leadership behaviours and team dynamics revitalised. Meaningful hikes, shared meals, whisky and wine, late conversations by the fire, freshly brewed coffee the next morning. Quietude and space to reflect and project. There’s a sublime magic to offsites, if you allow it.

  • Since covid-19 became a thing, many teams have lost access to the subtle magic that comes from gathering together in person. But—whilst not quite the same as an offline-offiste—it’s still possible to manifest the virtue and charm of a strategic/leadership/cultural team offsite online. And, in some ways, online-offsites can be even more (cost) effective at cultivating deep and creative collaboration (if cultivated and facilitated well). This can be achieved via a blend of asynchronous conversation coupled with responsive, integrated, interactive, frank and intimate ‘you had to be there’ ‘thinking-in-draft’ dialogue. We can do this; to great effect.

  • (I don’t necessarily like the term ‘leadership’, but—) Some teams reach a point of maturity and savvy in their development wherein they realise that the the conventional systems and narratives are inadequate for the future we are living into—they merely perpetuate stagnant power structures (locking us into a comforting delusion of progress whilst gliding toward irrelevance). In these situations, such teams search beyond the standard off-the-shelf same-same default 101 leadership programs and instead seek something more… ~metamodern.

    It may be that your search has taken you here, to me—the infamous ‘Dr Fox, Arch-Wizard of Ambiguity (most fantastic)’. And it just so happens that I do indeed offer such programs.

    My philosophy is one of co-creation and co-development. Together, we can create the most timely, relevant and apt leadership program for those seeking to venture beyond the default, hitting on the most vital themes for leading amidst complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt. I have a rich network of minds to draw upon, and we can thread and weave in a variety of modalities to ensure any program is most efficacious. If you seek to elevate the meta-rational wit and savvy of your leaders in complex domains—perhaps let’s talk.

Much of my quest-facilitation work happens behind non-disclosure agreements, and usually only after sampling some of my work as a keynote-provocateur. Still: here’s what some of my clients say. If you’d like to work with me at depth, let’s talk.

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  1. And: so much more than this.