How to Lead a Quest—a handbook for pioneering leaders

How to Lead a Quest by Dr Jason Fox

The ideal companion for the leaders of tomorrow. Unlock new and meaningful progress in the quest for enduring relevance.

“Jason’s handbook for pioneering executives provides a rich source of thinking and authentically different approaches to drive your business world.” – Brendon Riley, Group Executive at Telstra

“Insightful, funny and entertaining aren’t words you’d often use to describe a business book … and that’s because it’s not your normal business book. Jason brings a different perspective to what it really means to be a leader in today’s world.” – Philip Goldie, Director of Partner Business at Microsoft

“When confronted with an area we must learn, most of us yearn for a friend who can lead us through this new space, gently and with humour, free of judgement or patronising tone. Jason serves that role for the business world, through the pages of each book. Pulling together insights and learnings from academia, case studies and pop-culture, you’ll be guided through ways to make work more engaging, business futures less risky, and blind-spots smaller in magnitude. His theme of a ‘quest’ helps you tie together these diverse ideas into a narrative thread that is both fun and informative.” – Andrew Fallshaw, CEO of Bellroy

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Also available via Kindle & iBooks, and Audible, too.

But, by far, the print version is the nicest, as you’ll benefit from the wondrous illustrations by dangerlam. Also: please support your local independent bookstore where possible—it’s worth the wait. 🧡