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The Pioneering Leadership Masterclass


Venture beyond the default

Leadership teams ought to maintain a healthy level of focus on operational excellence. It’s vital. This is the leadership that brings us efficiency, reliability and continuous improvement—wondrous things for a stable and predictable world.

Alas: our world is anything but.

And so, while operational leadership is essential if we are to survive—pioneering leadership is what we need if we are to thrive. And this means having a team of leaders willing and able to venture beyond their own (safe, familiar, comfortable, predictable) defaults—and deeper into a storm of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (so as to bring about whole new ways of working).

In this provocative and positively unsettling masterclass, we will review and refresh:

  • Your shared sense of The Emerging Context, and the new tensions that must be navigated for organisations to remain agile and adaptive in our now hyperconnected postindustrial world.

  • Your Enterprise Operating Model, so as to see the how and why of your work (and to diagnose opportunities for leadership growth).

  • Your Leadership Values & Philosophy, wherein we move beyond the safe drudgery of word-smithing neat and pithy vision/mission statements, so as to instead evoke differentiated leadership values that are relevant, compelling, real and relatable. And (potentially) polarising.

  • Your Capacity for Complexity, so that you can make braver, smarter and wiser decisions whilst venturing into the unknown futures.

  • Your Leadership Principles & Keystone Behaviours—wherein we ask: how does this leadership team respond to ambiguity? What does this leadership team want to be known for? What does this mean in terms of our shared principles? What does this look like in terms of everyday behaviours? A revealing and effective translation of shared intent into something tangible and mighty.

This masterclass builds upon the ideas of my bestselling book—How to Lead a Quest, and can be condensed into a tailored workshop for larger audiences over a shorter time duration. It is ideal for smart, sceptical and/or senior executive leadership teams—particularly those who have ‘seen it all before’.* This masterclass brings crucial conversations to the table through deft facilitation and the use of contemporary frameworks.

* Having said that, this masterclass also works for new and emerging leaders—particularly if you are looking to rethink how leadership manifests in your organisation.

Shall we do this? Have questions? To get the proverbial rolling simply send my wonderful business partner Kim a short email, or use this form.

Note: I sometimes offer these masterclasses to the public, pending my calendar and whim. If you’d like to be kept abreast of such opportunities, be sure to subscribe to my museletter.

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Well met. To whom do we have the honour?
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