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A workshop or masterclass offers the opportunity for individuals and leadership teams to positively grapple with new thinking and learning, so that they may collectively understand and apply it within their own unique context.


While the market seems to have quite the appetite for my ‘motivational’ keynote presentations—masterclasses and workshops are different.

You see, a keynote is often delivered to a large audience in a short amount of time (usually an hour or less), with the intent to provoke new thinking and open minds to new possibilities (whilst planting seeds for better questions and richer conversations).

On the other hand, a masterclass allows for much more time, and is delivered to a smaller audience in a more intimate context. Therefore, the depth, tone and intent are quite different: this is us—sleeves rolled, head cocked, brows furrowed—going deep.


The ideal inclusion for your next leadership offsite


My workshops and masterclasses make for wondrous inclusions to any strategic leadership team offsites. I’ve facilitated quite a few in my time, and have written about the many benefits of strategic offsites (and how to not screw them up). Integrating a workshop or masterclass within such could be the ideal means to enhance the efficacy of the whole event (and I would of course tailor elements of the masterclass to best serve the overarching strategic intent).


Not to be confused with ‘Corporate Training’


Hmm, yes well: this is not a box-ticking affair, nor is it simply ‘skills training’ to churn your people through. I work best with curious and/or clever people that can think and work at moderate to high levels of complexity. Ergo, my masterclasses are ideal for experienced senior leaders and savvy emerging leaders. 

But herein lies the rub: time is mighty valuable for these folk. To take a group of leaders out of the office for the day carries quite the accumulative opportunity cost (not to mention logistics, and my own fees). Therefore: it bloody better be good.

My masterclasses are better than good.*

* But don’t take my word for it—see what my clients say.

However, given the type of folk I generally work with (plus my own disposition), I've learnt to do a few things differently. Namely: to resist most anything that resembles corporate training.

Righto, now: shall we?


The Masterclasses & Workshops


Workshops offer the opportunity for individuals and teams to gain new tools, frameworks and perspective. Designed for small to medium sized audiences for a duration of 1.5–3 hours, they can serve as a practical follow-up to any conference keynote. Each workshop is tailored using select elements from my masterclasses.

Masterclasses offer deep dives into theory and practice. They are designed for smaller groups of up 8 to 24 participants, and run for half a day (3–4.5 hours). The smaller audience and intimate duration of a masterclass allows for greater complexity, contextualisation and nuance—which makes for an ideal inclusion to any leadership or strategic offsite.

I have six offerings for you—two from each of my ‘domains of expertise’.




How to Book Dr Jason Fox

Firstly: chuffed you’re considering me.

If you haven’t yet done so, you can peruse my Services Guidebook (a mighty pdf I update each year). It has a fee guide, so as to ensure you’re well girded. Then, it's simply a matter of sending us an email (or using the form below) to see what we can make happen.*

* Do note: I am sometimes booked over a year in advance—but still: get in touch anyway, as luck might have it that I am available. The sooner we know when, the sooner we can place a tentative ‘hold’ in our calendar for you.

If you have any questions we will be happy to illuminate. If all is well and the stars align, we’ll then send through a confirmation invoice to secure your booking, and to allow for preparations to commence. At this point, we'll schedule a deep briefing call and send you a link to a comprehensive pre-briefing call survey.

This survey asks all the pertinent questions, so that I can get the best sense of your audience, the elephants in the room, sensitivities to navigate, the wider strategic context, the cognitive flow, and what you want people to think/feel/do differently as a result of my contribution. Then, come our call, we’ll get into the nuances of it all.

We’ll also send through any material you may need to prime people for the masterclass/workshop. And then, we’re set to make clever happen.

Shall we do this?

Would you like to become one of my happy clients? To get the proverbial rolling simply send my wonderful business partner Kim a short email, or use this form.

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Well met. To whom do we have the honour?
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