Keynote Presentations (and such)

Dr Fox, Keynote Speaker

There’s something sacred about gatherings and events (virtual or otherwise). It is an honour and joy to be able to contribute what wit, wisdom, cleverness and savvy I have garnered—to rekindle new curiosity, insight and enchantment (such that I may).

I’ve been doing this for over a decade now, and I work incredibly well with smart and sceptical audiences that have ‘seen it all before’. I have been awarded as ‘Keynote Speaker of The Year’ (one of the highest honours in the speaking industry), am a ‘CSP’ (whatever that means), have lectured at three universities (systems and change) and have many happy clients (though I try not to take myself seriously).

As a fox-like metamodern wizard-philosopher: I don’t do set/scripted ‘off-the-shelf/pull-string’ keynotes.1 My approach is guided very much by the intent of your gathering. That is: what you might want your people to think, feel and do differently as a result. In this way, our efforts are most timely, relevant and apt.

Here are some of ~nebulous domains within which I speak.2 No magic-wand solutions, neat formulae or simplistic ‘secrets’ to success; but rather—wondrous, rich, rare and insightful distillations and provocations amongst those we gather. Worlds of possibility, evoked.

  • The path to irrelevance is littered with reasonable decisions. So—how might we lead the ambiguous and oft-times counter-intuitive quest for enduring relevance, beyond the established default? (Especially when most-everyone seems far ‘too busy’ for meaningful progress.) How might we harmonise the tensions and rhythms betwixt the metric-focused elements of operational leadership with the sense-making nature of quest leadership? Where do ‘strategic’ insights come from, anyway—and how might they be cultivated? These are but a few of the provocations we might explore together. // In hashtag-speak—adaptive leadership, strategic innovation, transformation.

  • Our now hyperconnected world is now wickedly entangled, with new (mis)information rewriting the future quicker than it can be understood. And yet, amidst the nebulosity of shifting memes and ideologies, patterns and strange attractors can be discerned. What are the emerging cultural and cognitive orientations, semiotics and existential stances of this epoch? How do we make collective sense amidst in this seemingly ‘post-truth’ world? And how might we revitalise how knowledge and wisdom works, so as to create a brighter future? There are new sensibilities at play. // In hashtag-speak—near-futurism, complexity, sense-making.

  • We were taught to ‘dream big’, ‘set a goal’ and ‘believe in ourselves’. Quaint. But maybe we’ve outgrown this? What might a post-authentic approach to role-playing life look like? And how might this helps us to fluidly navigate the complexity of conflicting values we all face in work and life? What would it take to collectively lead into the ontological and existential challenges and joys of co-development? What would it mean if we were to ‘rise up’ to complexity—rather than try to reduce it? These are the questions that shape our emergent futures. // In hashtag-speak—motivation, behaviour, adult development.

  • The ‘future of work’ is in dire need of meaning, enchantment and warmth. How might we cultivate more imagination, value and depth in the cultures and rituals we maintain (even as work becomes ever more virtual)? What might make for more meaningful participation (in a world so inundated with bullshit, performative superficiality, disillusionment and despair)? And how might we integrate and imbue narrative and lore in the work we do, so as to create trusting cultures able to self-organise amidst complexity and change? These are the questions a solarpunk bard asks. // In hashtag-speak—culture, purpose, values.

  • For those of us paying attention, the future can seem incredibly dystopian and bleak. Systemic inequality, rampant ecological devastation and the pernicious/pervasive ~alienation of modern life all conspire to sap our motivation, optimism and hope. And yet it may be that there’s a way through the wreckage. A way that might encourage us to lessen our fetish for simplistic solutions and myopic heroics, in favour of something altogether more complex, generative, antifragile and wise. A relative eutopia for magical-realists. // In hashtag-speak—sustainability, society, ecology.

Summoning fees vary—here’s a guide. Affability and adaptability are always part of the package. See what my clients say. For bigger or more complex engagements, let’s talk.

Here’s a nostalgic/narcissistic collection of photos from a few of the many events shared in pre-covid-19 times.

Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm Dr Fox, Into the Storm

These were fun times, and yet: I daresay we can do events in an even savvier and wiser manner now. Here’s to bringing more enchantment, perspicacity, depth and magic in our gatherings.·~*:・

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  1. Too safe/staid. Highly polished material is better for videos and recorded lectures—not live, tailored and responsive ‘you-had-to-be-there’ events. 

  2. Think of these as but a starting point to our conversation—something we can refine and finesse in our briefing call together. From thence I can furnish you with whatever propaganda-antics we need so as to make it super-salient.