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The (Reluctantly Offered) Gamification Masterclass

Cultivate meaningful engagement


Gamification—the application of ‘game-like dynamics’ in ‘non-game contexts’—is not a concept I particularly endorse. It reeks of shallow, linear, ‘quick fix’ thinking.

Having said that, as much as I have tried to shake the reputation of being a ‘gamification guru’, my first book—The Game Changer—was launched at a time that the concept of ‘gamification’ was still nascent. It sat alongside similar (yet distinct) concepts like ‘serious play’ and ‘games-based learning’ and (somewhat incorrectly) ‘game theory’. As such, people started to associate me with gamification. They ask me to come in and help them ‘gamify’ their work, or to ‘add gamification’ to their product or service offering. That might have been nice, had gamification not turned into the (mostly) perverted mess it is today.

My stance thus far has been to educate such folks on the limitations of gamification (in the hopes they might widen their gaze and approach their challenges with more curiosity, empathy and cognitive complexity). This, though, is rather dampening to the spirits and not altogether encouraging or commercially effective. I don’t mind the latter, but I do wish to offer folks something better.

Thus! The (Reluctantly Offered) Gamification Masterclass provides those with the intention and enthusiasm to ‘gamify’ an opportunity to avoid the myriad pitfalls associated with the notion, so as to do something good. You’ll learn most of the concepts included in The Motivation Design Masterclass, but with a specific focus on:

  • How to use principles from Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design (and similar notions from similar disciplines) to ensure you are working on the ‘right’ problems (and not merely working the surface layer).

  • How and when to craft contexts for Ludic (Spontaneous/Emergent) Play, so as to allow for creativity and possibility.

  • How and when to craft contexts for Ludus (Controlled/Dependent) Play, so as to allow for a degree of certainty and influence.

  • How to Make Gamification Redundant by scaffolding desired behaviours to the point at which cultural norms are formed (and such scaffolding is no longer needed—like on-boarding).

  • How to use Dark Patterns in a way that is ethical, mindful and transparent (see the Designing Mindfulness Manifesto).

  • How and when to use Game Mechanics that encourage competitive and/or cooperative behaviour (and when to avoid them).

  • How to use Semiotics, Mythology and Narrative to enchant and imbue experiences with depth and meaning.

This masterclass builds upon the ideas of my bestselling book—The Game Changerand can be condensed into a tailored workshop for larger audiences over a shorter time duration.

To get the proverbial rolling simply send my wonderful business partner Kim a short email, or use the form below.

Note: I sometimes offer these masterclasses to the public, pending my calendar and whim. If you’d like to be kept abreast of such opportunities, be sure to subscribe to my museletter.

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