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Investigating the new truth of events

An evening with Mykel Dixon & myself


The conference and event space has become dangerously safe. A predictable pantomime of stale, tepid narratives, perpetuated by self-interested thought leaders and consultants. 

And yet... amidst the warm platitudinous mediocrity, there are glimmers of sheer brilliance. Events that fly beneath the radar, where ideas and conventions are challenged—ruthlessly, with empathy and care—so that something more useful, more beautiful might emerge. 

These are the events that change lives.


In their work around the world, Mykel Dixon and I have both been fortunate enough to witness and contribute to such experiences. Gatherings that deserve to be examined, celebrated and shared so that those in the game can evolve with it. 

For one night only, Myke (Australia’s breakthrough Speaker of The Year 2018) and I (Australia’s Keynote Speaker of The Year 2016) will share what we’re seeing and sensing in the leadership and events space, so that you might bring more depth, creativity and beauty to the way you move your audiences.

This evening event is for anyone who leads and convenes people in their work. From conference and event organisers to L&OD professionals to HR and People Management. We want to share what we’re seeing and what we're sensing in the leadership and events space. We’ll let you in on the trends we’re ignoring, the undercurrents we know are worth paying attention to, and how to be safely dangerous.



Tickets are $150+gst pp and include dinner & drinks. Of course, these are strictly limited to ensure intimacy and depth. 

Oop. These all sold out in 11 hours.
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March 6th (6pm—late)
at Restaurant Hubert
Basement 15 Bligh Street, Sydney


March 7th (6pm—late)
at Galah Melbourne
216 High St, Windsor




Just email me—no wait: email Kim (she’ll let me know). This is something I’m really excited about. It’s a chance to not only share new thinking with you, but to co-host a context (with you, Mykel, and all the wonderful people who join us) so as to have the conversations we don’t normally have the time nor space to have. The Internet provides more than enough content—context is what we need. Oh! The confluence of minds that awaits. This’ll be a delight. I hope you can join us.