Illo by  dangerlam

Illo by dangerlam


The Character Building Masterclass

Cultivate new motivation, meaning and myth
—a leadership masterclass with Dr Jason Fox


Secure your place in this unique masterclass

9:30am – 4:30pm
Monday 25th November 2019

The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent
1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC

GST additional. Tickets are non-refundable but totally transferrable.
This is the special October rate—ticket fees will increase in November.



I want to help you develop character
(in yourself, and others)

And by character I am referring to how you show up in your own unfurling story, and in the stories of others. This relates to the quality of your reputation, your mythos and ethos, and the distinctiveness of your persona.

This masterclass could be loosely considered as something hidden amongst a constellation of leadership development, ‘self’ development, ‘personal branding’,* ‘thought leadership’ and ‘influence’.°

* I don’t believe in personal ‘branding’ btw. But it may serve as a proxy for something more dynamic and fluid.
° Influence is best built indirectly—it oughtn’t be the primary goal. Rather, it is something we accrue as a result of gaining the trust and respect of others.

I will equip you with the wit and wisdom to find your own way to your own style of charisma, leadership and enchantment.

“The art of reinvention will be the most critical skill of this century.” – Yuval Noah Harari

Here’s a pattern I’ve noticed. As we grow and develop, it is very likely we can find ourselves ensnared in three pervasive angsts: incongruence, incoherence and samey-ness.

Incongruence is where you experience dissonance between your perceived/felt ‘self’ and the ‘ideal self’ you compare yourself to (and berate yourself for not being). In most instances, this ideal self is an unhelpful phantom—the inflated byproduct of our status-obsessed and social-media-amplified world (and thus: needs taming). But sometimes, it’s a quiet but growing and persistent sense that something is not quite right. Something feels ‘off’.

We develop (co-create) identities in order to ‘fit in’. But then, in time, things change—and sometimes these identities no longer quite serve us. And this chafes.

That’s okay, though—this masterclass will show you how you can gently—organically*—re-invent ‘who’ you are.°

* By this I mean: a slow, gradual and natural development—not a quick fix or hack.
° A less-painful alternative to coasting along (drifting in the eddy of stagnation).

Incoherence, in this context, is where our sense of ‘who we are’ doesn’t make sense with what is emerging. This relates to the ‘roles’ we play in this infinite game. If it’s time to adjust your stance—if you sense that the near future calls upon you to play a different role, to step up and show up in a different way—this masterclass could be the catalyst for you.

Samey-ness is this weird phenomenon we now experience in our hyperconnected world. That almost bland predictability wherein everyone optimises to say and do the supposed ‘right thing’ for the conventional narrative—only to get amidst in the herd. It’s probably the safer and easier thing to do (for many). Just another consultant, corporate leader or influencer-wannabe.

Cultivating character requires an element of antifragile distinction and flair—and a sense of belonging within one’s self (independent of the crowd). But for those who want to weave a richer story—this masterclass is your ticket.

If you’re thinking about this for yourself, I daresay you’ll love it. You’ll have a deep weekend of prompted introspection before the masterclass itself. This will be a deeply immersive day, amidst the beautiful Abbotsford Convent wherein new pathways will open for you.

The timing of this is quite impeccable, too. Late November means that the seeds of possibility will be planted well before the end of year break, giving plenty of time to germinate into something most apt.

This masterclass is also ideal for your team. If you want your people to flourish in their roles, so as to be the best leaders and ambassadors they can be in this complex, uncertain and dynamic future of ours—this masterclass is a boon.

Specifically, this masterclass will traverse:

  • How to reshape your own Narrative Fallacy—why our memory is malleable, and how the threads of fiction that weaves facts together might be re-spun to greater effect. In other words: how to tell a better story about yourself. Or more specifically still: how to write and share your own bio in a compelling and memorable manner.

  • How to Be a Better Imposter—As you acquire new knowledge and grow in your profession, it is inevitable that you will be surrounded by increasingly talented peers. We see their external story, and compare it to the internal stories we each harbour. This often gives rise to a sense of inadequacy or lack—that we are an imposter who is merely winging it, and will soon be found out. What many don’t realise, however, is that this can be an incredibly useful delusion. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to use The Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt to your advantage.

  • How to Cast a Longer Shadow—The world needs to know you are real and imperfect—these are the things that make you relatable. This masterclass will help you find your arch-nemesis, so that you can better understand and embrace your own principles, values and tenants.

  • How to Identify and Juxtapose Conflicting Values—The best characters are complex. They aren’t mono-dimensional or paper-thin—they have depth. You’re no different. In refining your persona, this masterclass will help you embrace a more nebulous, complex, accurate, playful and apt ‘self concept’.

  • How to Choose One Word to serve as a fuzzy contextual beacon each year—This powerful ritual not only serves to generate personal principles and ‘self-leadership’—it also ensures you don’t become too attached to your ‘identity’, so that you can keep growing and evolving as a fluid individual.

  • How to Find Your Own Charisma and Value—There is a way, within us all, to access our own version of charisma—that unique alchemy of approachability and authority. Furthermore, there is a way that we can approach how to build value and a sense of self-worth without succumbing to the more ridiculous elements of capitalism.

  • How to Play Your Roles—Wherein we realise that it’s really not about us. By finding (and continuously updating) a worthy quest, we stay humble and not get too full of ourselves.

“Only that which can change can continue”
– James Carse

GST additional. Tickets are non-refundable but totally transferrable.
This is the special October rate—ticket fees will increase in November.


This masterclass occurs—in this spirit of ichi-go ichi-e—on Monday 25th November 2019, from 9:30am to 4:30pm* at The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC.°

* We might stick back to have a few drinks after the masterclass officially concludes.
° This place is beautiful. We will be integrating some movement in the day (gentle walks, a picnic, and so forth), so dress resplendently comfy.

Where we’ll gather: The Abbotsford Convent

Where we’ll gather: The Abbotsford Convent


Jason! Will you be running this in other cities? At this stage I have no plans to. This masterclass is pretty esoteric and unique—I really don’t know how many folks this will appeal to.* In some ways, it is an experiment—but so is everything, in life. Enjoy a weekend in Melbourne and enjoy the weekend, then attend this masterclass on the Monday.

* Just the quiet and unconventionally cool ones, I suspect.

What do I need to bring? Bring your favourite (paper-)journal and pen. I’m encouraging everyone to bring their own snacks and a picnic lunch* (the gardens are fabulous for this). There’s also a bakery, restaurants and cafes on site for those who want to be spontaneous.

* Catering is the killer at events, and usually results in underwhelming food waste. It’s also increasingly difficult to cater to everyone’s diverse catering needs. By bringing our own lunches (or purchasing them on site), everyone wins.

What will I get? What is the value of attending? Hoho, haha: ‘get’. You might get nothing. But, you may well find that—the confluence of a deep weekend of guided/prompted introspection, followed by exquisite immersion in new ways of thinking and seeing (betwixt spheres of philosophy, psychology, mythology and science) in the hallowed and nature-imbued ruins of an old convent, surrounded by likewise curious and quietly adventurous folk (all seeking to develop and grow as persons so as to better contribute to this unfurling cosmic pantomime)—might all conspire to see you leave with immense value. An inflection in the trajectory of your life.

But I’m an introvert! Haha, me too, famously. It’s an aspect of my own character I’ve cultivated. Anyhoo: these workshops blend introspection and interaction. If you’re open to connecting with wonderful people, you’ll be quite fine—the interaction is guided, and I’ll be encouraging good listening (and stamping out our collective tendency toward unsolicited advice). But also: we’ve made the ticket fee extra attractive to those who want to bring a friend. If there’s someone you are close to, that you get along well with, and who may be equally enthusiastic to develop and grow in work and life—get a ticket for two and come along together.

I hope to see you there!

And if you can’t make it, be sure to sign up to my museletter. I’ll be sharing some of the elements presented in the masterclass to subscribers in the coming months.