Two fools grapple with with paradox and complexity.
Come, join us—we might just learn something.

Let’s open the

Box of Paradox


If you’re up against complex challenges—personal and/or professional—chances are that practical tips, simple hacks and shiny apps aren’t going to be of much use to you. It’s quite likely you’ve already considered and discarded them.


In these situations we can find ourselves mired between opposing truths, perplexed with no clear path to choose from. How one navigates meaningfully through this is a mystery.

A mystery we seek to explore.
And to (somewhat) unravel.

In the first instalment, we explore The Paradox of Progress. It lies at the heart of good strategy and leadership, and is the precursor to many an existential crisis.* Here, we ask: what is progress? No, really. And: how does one differentiate between that which is meaningful progress, and that which is but a delusion of progress? And how does this fit in the world of business and leadership?

* ‘Wtf am I doing with my life?’ – that sort of thing.

“How wonderful that we have met with a paradox.
Now we have some hope of making progress.”

Niels Bohr, Quantum Physicist

Michael Bungay Stanier is the bestselling author of The Coaching Habit (and other great books), a Rhodes Scholar, the first Canadian Coach of the Year, and a senior partner of Box of Crayons—a company that helps busy leaders ask better questions.

Dr Jason Fox is the bestselling author of How to Lead a Quest, a Rogue Scholar, the eleventh Keynote Speaker of the Year in Australia, and a literal partner of dangerlam and The Cleverness—a company that offers ‘thoughtful provocations for the quietly dissatisfied’.

 Jason Fox (left) & Michael Bungay Stanier (right), both feeling lucky all day.

Jason Fox (left) & Michael Bungay Stanier (right), both feeling lucky all day.