Is Self-Sabotage sapping your Motivation? [video]

If you want motivation, make it hard to make it hard for yourself


The dangerlam and I recently teamed up to make this video for a client's conference. The brief went something like: We'll have a room of great people full of big ideas and all super inspired to make them happen. What advice would you give in 5-minutes or less?

And so, with trademark party-pooping scepticism we put together this timely video to ensure that such inspiration translates into sustainable motivation—and that you don't somehow manage to sabotage your progress along the way. 

It's so universally relevant that we thought we'd share it here with you too.

We hope that this little message might help you recognise areas in which you might be subconsciously indulging in self-sabotaging behaviours. As with many things, the first step is awareness—get curious as to what's happening. From there, you can track the small wins that generate meaningful progress, while making it hard to make it hard for yourself.

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PS: Kim occasionally does this sort of thing for clients. You can follow her on instagram.