The Learning Future (a podcast appearance)

A conversation with education futurist Louka Parry

Dr Fox tea pot

You know those times when you meet with someone at a café and you find yourself swiftly immersed in deep and wide ranging conversation? The staff come to get your order and several times you say “oh, hoho, we haven’t even looked at the menu yet” to the point where it gets so awkward you just order whatever—the toast!—because it is so very much secondary to the conversation at play. And then somehow time flies and before you know it the bill is placed on your table as a passive but firm way of saying “you’re done here and we need the table: move on”.

Well! This podcast chat with Louka Parry was just like that. Time just… disappeared. I loved it, and I love the work Louka is doing. Such affinity.

We sauntered through some of my favourite domains, including:

  • What makes for meaningful progress at work, school and life?
  • How might we avoid ‘developmental blindness’ (and the arrogance that comes from such awareness)?
  • How might we approach strategic ‘planning’ amidst a complex and ambiguous unfurling future?
  • And more.

You can find the podcast over at Louka’s website, or directly via iTunes.

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  1. Hoho, classic metamodern sincere irony right there. In this case I actually mean it, too.