How my friend gets so much ‘done’—a conversation with Dr Amantha Imber

e9 / podcast & show notes, wherein I interview the host of ‘How I Work’


What-ho! Now this is something special. In this episode I interview my good friend Dr Amantha Imber—innovation psychologist, bestselling author, and the founder of Australia’s leading innovation consultancy Inventium—on her podcast ‘How I Work’ (a show about the tactics used by leading innovators to get more out of their work day). Amantha’s ability to make things happen—with impact, and at scale—continues to astound me, and you’ll benefit from a raft of incisive insight into her mind. It was such a treat to interview her for her podcast—do subscribe.

Generous show notes can be found on Amantha’s site.

Stay tuned for the next episode, wherein Amantha interviews me on my vague and oft non-sensical notions of how I work.

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