How to harness ‘quietly powerful’ qualities—a conversation with Megumi Miki

e8 / podcast & show notes, wherein we converse (quietly) about power and influence


Megumi Miki is a leadership consultant on a quest to redefine what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like so that we have more quietly powerful leaders in organisations and in the world. Megumi says that “too many talented quieter professionals are overlooked or exhausted from pretending to be outspoken”. I concur. Oh, verily so. “Quietly powerful qualities are incredible leadership strengths and very much needed in the world yet under-valued” Megumi adds. Ah! What a quest.

It was a delight to share a conversation with Megumi—a deep and meandering exploration of influence, power, and philosophy. If you resonate with the notion of Quietly Powerful leadership, you might like to consider joining Megumi’s Quietly Powerful Private LinkedIn Group Site, which boast some rather nifty resources and ace support. It also sports the video version of this interview.

Oh what references did we drop? I know Megumi mentioned Process Oriented Psychology (which you can learn more about here and here), and I am pretty sure I mentioned xenofeminism and metamodernism. Oh heck: I really ought take notes of the references mentioned soon after recording, to save me the horror of listening back to my own recorded voice and the myriad petty quibbles I summon about myself. To that end: if you have any questions or comments about anything discussed in this episode, please drop me a line below and I shall get back to you.

Here’s wishing you the wonders of quietly powerful leadership.

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