How to Choose ‘One Word’


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The ritual of ‘Choosing One Word’ is something I've been experimenting with for nearly a decade. This stance/thrust/approach is and remains one of the most effective ways to bring about ‘meaningful progress’ in contexts where the path is ambiguous and non-linear—though I suspect many do not approach the One Word concept with quite the level of depth and consideration as they could, and are thus not benefiting from the extent of character development they might otherwise. Hence this edifying podcast.

There remains so much more I could share with you. And I hope to do so in the coming months and years. Stay tuned, fellow mages.

Regarding show notes, well. I didn’t quite get around to re-listening to this episode in full—what follows is from memory. If there’s any utterance or incantation you didn’t quite catch, post a comment below and I shall get back to you, post-haste.

Righto, here we go:

» Pretty much everything on
» I no doubt mention 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, again. I most certainly mention The Listening Society and there’s a fair chance I reference Antifragile, Skin in the Game and Finite and Infinite Games, too.
» I think I mentioned The Artist’s Way (morning pages) and the Day One app
» Your Life in Weeks and The Tail End by Tim Urban
» And here are some links to previous musings related to this podcast: How to Have a Nemesis, How to Rekindle a Sense of Progress, and It’s The Year of The Wizard.

Hoho, I’m sure there’s more. But this will do for now.

If I were cleverer I’d have some sort of nifty setup where people could share their Word and how the narrative (fallacy) they are living into is working for them. But even this wizard-fool has his limits, so instead: I heartily invite you to share or ask questions in the comments section below.

(Thank you for joining me once again. If you are finding these podcasts to be valuable, please consider leaving a kind review on iTunes.)

Here’s to your eminence.


28th of February 2019, update:
A lovely person asked me at a book signing where some of the previous articles I’ve written on this topic have disappeared to. I referred her to this episode and she said something along the lines of ‘ah, it was good but quite dense—this is for a friend, and I need it to be accessible’. Dammit, I thought. Of course. And so, Kim has helped me to find a bunch of ‘old links’ to articles I’d previously written on the topic. I consider these all to be crude and unrefined… but also potentially more accessible than the madness in this podcast. Enjoy!

» A short video we filmed in Kyoto a few years back.
» Jason’s LinkedIn article (quite old now) on ‘re-wording yourself for the year ahead’.
» Chapter 21 of How to Lead a Quest features a somewhat deep look
» And… oh dear yes, it seems as though those articles are quite properly deleted. Hmm. I actually thought I had more than this. Oh well! Stay tuned—Kim and I are working on something mighty special, and very much related to the matter at hand.

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