How to navigate ‘social media’ in 2019?

e6 / podcast & show notes, wherein I talk about ‘temples and shrines’


This episode is not about the current state of social media per se (though I do indulge in some harrumphing, much as I have written about previously). Rather, it is a partial response to a question I’m often asked:

What advice would you give someone who is starting on the path of becoming a speaker/influencer/‘thought leader’?

I generally try to avoid situations in which I am required to dispense advice (as I often cannot keep up with nor maintain the advice I give myself). Nonetheless, it this instance I’d typically suggest they reconsider the path they think they’re on. I instead suggest: be an artist! A philosopher, a poet, a comedian, a maverick, a sage, a tutor, a craftsperson, a gardener, a connector, an explorer, a healer, a merchant, a bard… anything that sees you play a role that is antifragile, archetypal (timeless) and of service to others. Read Seth’s latest book. Focus on your message/art/signal first. Go deeper, venture further—otherwise it’s just more noise in an already cacophonous pantomime of inanity.

I’m sure this answer is somewhat disappointing, but it is meant to be encouraging. I know there are plenty of folk capitalising on social media to great effect. But I’m not sure this is the path I would advocate to anyone. The psychological toll is too heavy. Oh the things you must sacrifice to win the dubious favour of the Algorithm: bah. You can do better (even if better does not equal ‘bigger’).

Thus in this episode I share my playful disposition and firm-tentative stance toward social media in 2019. The metaphorical ‘lens’ I view social media with could be helpful to you or anyone who needs to grow and maintain a web presence or online persona (without overly succumbing to the corruption).

Here are some links that dropped from my meanderings:

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» My Word for 2018 was Wizard
» How to survive the next era of tech (slow down, be mindful, look to the business models of the platforms you use)

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