How to speak ‘human’—a conversation with Jen Jackson

e5 / podcast & show notes, wherein we converse about narrative


So I thought I’d try my hand at a ‘conversation’.

It’s not often I speak in real time with other humans*—unless I’m keynoting or on a panel (though such contexts are so artificial and predictable that I can almost always grace my way through with aplomb)—but I knew it would be apt to have a chat with Jen Jackson who, amongst being the head of the award-winning employee experience agency JAXZYN, the co-author of How to Speak Human and fellow speaker par excellence—happens to be one of my closest friends. And so, in this special podcast you get to hear me try to grapple with my own confluence of identities as we embark upon a preliminary reconnaissance into the domains of communication, brand, positioning and narrative.

* I find that I am rather tentative, hesitant and fluid in contexts that are complex and dynamic, which can easily be (mis)interpreted as flibbertigibbet wishywashyness. But what of it? I know this is actually quite fine, and I wish the world a little more of this (when the context allows). I tend to have an inverse relationship to confidence, certainty, conviction, and the fluency that comes with quick thinking. I direct you to an appreciated article.

Here are some links that dropped from this podcast:

» Naturally: all the links above in relation to my wonderful conversation partner Jen Jackson of JAXZYN (co-author of How to Speak Human, which I have officially praised as so: “An instant classic—this book is so utterly relevant and needed. And it is hellishly refreshing to boot. I fucking love it, and heartily recommend it to all.”)
» I had a wonderfully meandering conversation with Andrew Barret on his podcast, despite recording this whilst under a blanket on a hot day (for sound quality). I was not sound of mind.
» It seems I can’t stop making reference to Antifragile, so here’s an alternative link.
» Here’s a link to the interview I had with Josh and Tommy on The Daily Talkshow.
» The Witcher. Where to begin? Perhaps with this cinematic? (The books are quite brilliant, too. And it’s soon to become a Netflix series. Not sure if this is a good thing yet, but it’s a thing).

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