What was I thinking?


e22 / podcast & show notes, wherein I offer a brief glimpse into the workings of my past mind.



I was in a hotel room with a morning to spare, in-between a keynote for a multinational and lunch with a bunch of CIOs and CTOs. I’d just had some exquisite coffee, and was feeling peppy.

What the heck, I thought. Let’s record a podcast.

And so I did. This podcast is an unplanned, agendaless saunter through thorny thickets, fetid swamps and—occasionally—sweeping vistas ‘pon the mercurial bluffs of my mind. I can’t say I still agree with whatever version of self was recorded a few days ago, but I kinda like these free-flow things. There’s a perverse honesty that manages to creep through, for those patient enough to hear it.

Anyhoo, here are some show notes from memory.

» I think I mentioned The Tragicomic Exasperations of Expertise, and my general delight at rediscovering Ribbon Farm (thank you Andy Fallshaw)
» The 9th Annual Conference On Leadership And Leadership Development by The Leadership Circle (an event I am speaking at next week and very much encourage you to consider attending—themes of navigating change in an unpredictable world)

Bah! I’m sure I mentioned more things but they elude me right now. Please write me a note in the comments below if you’d like any clarifications, I’ll be most happy to assist.

As ever, thank you for joining me in my dark forest for these musings-aloud. I suspect they serve as my own form of therapy, but I like to imagine they are of some use to you too.

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