Leading an evolving business in a complex world—a conversation with Andy Fallshaw


e21 / podcast & show notes, wherein I relish a deft and fluid approach to leadership, strategy and culture.



Andy Fallshaw is the co-founder and CEO of Bellroy, an evolving company (and certified B Corp) that exists to help you—and the world—flourish. Specifically, this is achieved through considered design of the goods in which we carry things,* so that we may move through the world more effortlessly.

* Andy is also the co-founder of Carryology, a comprehensive hub of insights, ideas and inspiration about bags, luggage, wallets and other goods that help you carry.

I’ve been a fan of Andy and the Bellroy team for quite a while now. I did some work with the team and saw just how congruent, real and lived their (evolving) values are. Then a few years ago we had Andy join us in a panel discussion at our Future of Leadership event, and I thoroughly admired the way in which he navigated complex questions with humility, perspicacity and depth.

* A fundraiser for Hands Across The Water.

In 2015 Andy Fallshaw contributed to our panel at ‘The Future of Leadership’ fundraiser event.

In 2015 Andy Fallshaw contributed to our panel at ‘The Future of Leadership’ fundraiser event.

But of course even the best panels can only ever go so far (what with the time constraints, and the tensions of trying to keep the conversation as engaging and relevant for the audience as possible).

And thus, it is with great joy that I present this podcast to you. Free from the shackles of time constraints and a live audience, Andy and I got to have a deeply immersive and emergent conversation—positively grappling with complex and nebulous concepts pertinent to ‘pioneering meaningful progress in a complex world’.

Andy embodies a humble yet brilliant, deft, meta-rational, encompassing and fluid approach to leadership, strategy and culture (and to society at large). He has one of those rare minds that—ah, well: you’ll hear.

Thusly, here are some of the links that dropped from our conversation.

» A big little idea called legibility (and seeing like a state)
» Foie gras startups (the issues of overfunding—something)
» The Technium (Kevin Kelly)
» The Amish processing of technology
» Paul Graham’s Maker vs Manager schedule
» The Great Fragmentation: And Why the Future of Business is Small by Steve Sammartino
» Fixed versus growth mindsets by Carol Dweck
» The passion trap: how the search for your life’s work is making your working life miserable

Goodness I loved this conversation. It inspired a whole museletter on negative capability. There’s so much richness and nuance in not just in what Andy said—but in how he approached the complex provocations I put forward. Loved it.

You can find Andy on twitter and at Carryology. And you can find all good things at Bellroy. Thanks for joining us.

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