Is happiness a worthwhile endeavour?

e2 / podcast & show notes, wherein I find worthwhile futility


In this episode I attempt to answer the following subscriber question:

Ahoy Jason. Here is my question (or two if I may): What are your thoughts on trying to generate more happiness in your life? Is it a worthwhile endeavour, or a futile one?

Well: it sure was good to venture beyond the shallow saccharine shores of happiness in this podcast musing—thank you for the provocation Raf.

tl;dl—Happiness is a worthwhile, futile endeavour. Hoho: another ‘both-and’. If we had to be binary about it (and we don’t), I’d say that happiness is worth striving for. As Hanzi Freinacht says: “Happier people create more functional societies, and more functional soc­ie­ties are more efficient at combating inequality – locally as well as glo­bally.” (Which I daresay is a ‘good thing’). Of course we can’t ‘just be happy’—it’s rather more complex than that.

Here are a list of references that dropped from my musings-aloud.

» The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman
» Frugal Hedonism by Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb
» The Listening Society by Hanzi Freinacht
» Should We Really Make People Happy? an article by Hanzi Freinacht
» Articles Pertaining to Happiness on
» A Glossary of Happiness (bonus article)
» A Better Kind of Happiness (bonus article)

Cheers verily for joining me once again, everyone!

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