Dare I Emerge from this ‘Dark Forest’?


e19 / podcast & show notes, wherein I contemplate stepping back into the arena.



This was an odd podcast—done on a whim one evening last week. I played with a new intro/opening piece (which still needs a lot of work), and I generally shared a glimpse at my own turmoil at deciding how to best approach ‘social media’ (hoho, nothing new there). Basically: I expanded upon the things I shared in my latest museletter. I shan’t make a habit of sharing my museletter beyond my subscribers (as it will diminish its exclusivity and defeat the point of maintaining it as my Dark Forest)—but in this instance, most of the show note links for this podcast can be found there.

A couple of additional things I mentioned:

Oh and if you want to follow my attempts at writing short-form on Medium, you’ll find me here.

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