How to be more ‘playful’ with gamification—a conversation with Dr Zac Fitz-Walter


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I’ve been a fan of Dr Zac Fitz-Walter for more than half a decade now. He has a PhD in gamification and actively works in the field. Since my How to ‘Gamify’ an Industry episode was (according to the numbers) quite popular, I thought I might have a conversation with Zac to see if he might help lift me out of the jaded bitterness I have accrued about gamification.

He did this and more.

I… don’t think I was a good conversationalist, but Zac was amazing. I hadn’t set the levels right, so I missed a few of Zac’s inputs until too late, and then became all self-conscious that I steamrolled the conversation to fit my own narrative. Oh the realtime meta-criticisms one must occasionally live with, hoho.

Still, Zac was a gentleman and a scholar throughout, and I finished this conversation feeling a sense of lightness, brightness and playfulness about what might be possible with ‘gamification’ (or rather: gameful and/or playful design) in the hands of the right practitioner.

Here are some links that dropped from our conversation.

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EDIT: Since releasing the podcast, Zac penned the following article: New to board games? Try one of these three excellent gateway games.

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