How I try to keep it ‘real’—a conversation on The Daily Talk Show

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I’m back to posting in near-real time! This allows me to pretend as though you are listening to these episodes freshly, without me having to cringe at my past work, nor overthink how this may be perceived in years to come. Huzzah!

In this episode I share the recording of my recent appearance on The Daily Talk Show. I love these guys—there’s a kind of real mix of crude and jolly authenticity, combined with deep curiosity and willingness to learn and grow. Powerful, refreshing alchemy. Here’s a photo of us.

Dr Jason Fox on The Daily Talk Show

I begin with some preamble on why consistency isn’t key (and why it’s important to break rhythm), and then we stumble through topics like: the perils of perception management, the importance of thinking in draft, how to handle feedback, how to suck at social media (and why), what neomasculinity might look like, what makes for authenticity, the awkwardness of sharing one’s own work, and my #1 public speaking tip. And more. This one’s a doozy and a hoot.

They recorded a video of the podcast, would you believe? Here, see.

Josh Janssen (the chap to my left—your right—with the glasses) is the mighty talented film maker who put together a short documentary about my work. It was really lovely to be able to talk about this on the show (you’ll catch it at the end of the video above, or directly below).

A have a bonus tidbit for you. Fun fact: Dr Kim Lam (aka the dangerlam) was interviewed earlier this year. Check it out:—

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