How I think I ‘work’—a conversation with Dr Amantha Imber

e10 / podcast & show notes, wherein I am interviewed by the host of the podcast ‘How I Work’.


What-ho. In the previous episode I interviewed my good friend Dr Amantha Imber on her podcast ‘How I Work’ (a show about the tactics used by leading innovators to get more out of their work day). This time, the tables are turned and Amantha interviews me—me of all people—on how I work. I don’t know if I sprout much wisdom—if anything, I think I sound a bit confused, nonsensical and inconsistent. But I seem to rally solidly at the end. Amantha is ever curious, and her questions helped reveal things in my own practice that I have long overlooked—this was fun and insightful.

Btw: I’ve fallen into a bad habit with these podcasts: this was recorded a while ago, with additional intro/outro bits added on after. And then it has sat on my desktop for some time. I was going to sneak it out to you before it aired on Amantha’s podcast, but that felt a bit cheeky. So here we are today. I am intending to soon be in a rhythm of sharing, wherein these things are published much closer to real time. But we shall see.

Anyhoo: generous show notes can be found on Amantha’s site. Goodness, that’s a way to do show notes, my gosh. Amantha has interviewed plenty of wonderful people on her show, including my favourites Jocelyn K Glei, Rachel Botsman, Amanda Palmer, Jake Knapp and more. Do be sure to subscribe to her show and follow her work. Thanks for tuning in!

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