Tremble & Rejoice, world!

I too have a podcast.

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The Cleverness with Dr Jason Fox

What-ho, what-ho! Join me—Dr Jason Fox, Archwizard of Abstraction, Juxtaposition & Obfuscation—as I attempt to unravel a semblance of ‘sense’ amidst the perplexities that pertain to life in our hyperconnected post-industrial era. Together we shall foray heartily through complexity, ambiguity, paradox and doubt—so as to obtain the freshest, darkest and most dubious fruits of ‘wisdom’ for our combined edification and delight.

#leadership #philosophy #motivation #complexity #metamodernism & so on.


Yes, yes that’s right: I too have a podcast. And I’m not even sure if you or anyone will like it. But that’s okay—for I rather do.

Or rather: I like the notion of it, and the process of making each episode for you. It still confuses me to no end to hear the recording of my voice played back to me. Who is this ghostly idiot-apparition, stealing my words? A distorted doppelgänger from the auditory plane? Begone! I banish thee to the past. No backward glances from me—I turn my crystal ball to the future. Ha: there!

I digress.

…and I suspect that such digressions may become some sort of signature move. A convoluted dance amidst the non-linear tangle of complex domains, wherein the tangents become the path (and vice-versa).

Nonetheless, I’m actually very excited about this new form of expression, and I really do hope you like it too. If you have a question you’d like for me to muse upon in auditory fashion, subscribe to my museletter and keep your eye out for my next Call for Questions. It’s like the bat signal, except I’m not batperson and I deploy the signal myself and then wait.

You can literally ask me anything. And people have—I already have a cue of questions spanning topics of philosophy, psychology, sociology, beard maintenance, character development, ‘branding’, book writing, speaking, and more. Stay tuned!


If you happen to be reading this, and are of a benevolent disposition, might I request a favour? Subscriptions and positive reviews are the lifeblood of new podcasts, and I would be honoured to think that you might consider doing so. That is, subscribe on iTunes and—if inclined—leave a nice little review. Thank you!

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