About Jason Fox

What-ho and well met.

I’m a fox-wizard1 masquerading as an illustrious speaker-facilitator and leadership advisor (with many happy clients).2 I’m also the bestselling author of How to Lead a Quest, conjurer of The ‘Choose One Word’ Ritual of Becoming, and seneschal of The Coterie of The Fox.

Japes aside, I mostly work as a complexity practitioner.

When not liberating the world from delusions of progress, I quest to co-create a world more curious and kind. In this, I serve as a rogue scholar, trickster-poet and letter-writing friend.

Speaking of…

museletter raven

I write a ~weekly3 Museletter to all who quest for a future less bleak. It’s one of the most fulfilling things I do, and I would love to write to you, too. Sign up for free; unsubscribe anytime in a single click. 🧡

Dr Fox, Wizard Photography by Oli Sansom.

This website was made with the wisdom, savvy and guidance of my web developer-druid friend Kevin McGillivray. #solarpunkweb

  1. Amongst other things. This is currently my Year of the Bard

  2. Here’s the extended mythical and mundane ‘official bio’ of Dr Fox, along with links to photos and other propaganda. Use this to help me slip past the gatekeepers of your organisation, so that we can better work our magic together. 

  3. Hoho: ‘weekly’. It’s more of a ‘semi-sporadic’ epistle. Never late, nor early, nor too frequent. Just so.