Percolate much?

Here's an excerpt from one of my museletters, in support of our most wondrous 2016 event—Percolate: a precursor to progress.

9 fantabulous reasons to come Percolate.

1. Ace Speakers Not Doing Their Usual Thing.

The last thing I want to expose you to is a predictable set of thoughts you’ve seen, heard and contemplated before. As such, I’ve curated a diverse mix of thinkers, philosophers, leaders and friends who are primed to offer us fresh perspectives. The type of perspectives that spur new thinking. Each speaker has been briefed to not simply distil things down into pithy ‘top tips’ but rather, to gift you with worthy questions to consider through December in preparation for the new year ahead.°

° They know that you are smart, and—in the spirit of antifragility—can handle having your thoughts provoked. 

2. Keen-minded, pioneering folk.

I love our speakers and… I daresy the audience is even more exciting. Firstly, you’ll be joined by fellow museletter subscribers (people who, like you, actually read these things). This makes for wondrous conversations—these are the people I relish meeting at events.
We also have folk from Atlassian, Telstra, Suncorp, MYOB, Red Cross, Commonwealth Bank, and fab other organisations I’ve worked with. Some are in senior leadership positions, and many are the intrapreneurs who think deeper and further than their colleagues.
And of course, there are fellow thought leaders, authors and artists in the mix. All in all: delightful, thoughtful, quality, keen-minded folk.

3. Starward whisky.

Oh gosh, where to begin? We’ve had a secret crush on New World Whisky for some time. David Vitale (CEO and founder) is a the epitome of a modern pioneer and renaissance man. 
Also, Starward just recently won Best Australian Single Malt Whisky. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it is pure wonder—the pairing of Australian wine casks with Melbourne’s 'four seasons in one day' makes for a wondrous dram (even for those who don’t fancy themselves to be whisky drinkers). 
But what I love most is David’s shared philosophy for quality conversations. The type of conversations that allow us to explore new perspectives and that open up new horizons. The type of conversation a good whisky opens up.
We're delighted to be partnering with Starward to bring you Percolate.

4. Proud Mary Coffee.

What better way to start the day than whilst savouring a brew from the world’s foremost pioneers in coffee? I don’t say this lightly—we’re super proud to have Proud Mary Coffee partnering with us to bring you this event. Fun facts: 
» Proud Mary’s founder—Nolan Hirte—is currently bringing Melbourne magic to Portland in the US (a country that desperately needs brilliant coffee). 
» A good proportion of How to Lead a Quest was written at their flagship cafe: Aunty Peg’s. If you visit in the morning you may catch me there (or at Proud Mary around the corner).
» I was recently interviewed in 99U magazine, and one of the main things I talked about was how good Aunty Peg’s coffee is. The Best Coffee I Have Ever Experienced In The World is from this place.

5. Jazz.

I love jazz, and what it represents. As an introvert, it's the perfect form of live music. You sit back and soak up the vibes, without having to worry about dance moves, crowds, or what to do if someone starts grinding on you. And so, at Percolate, there will be jazz.

These vibes will be lead by none other than artisan thinker Mykel Dixon.

And this is all rather genius. You know when sometimes you're at an event and you just want to chill and think and reflect and ponder and project and... not necessarily talk to the person next to you? Well but ah!—there's jazz to enjoy.°

° Of course there will still be plenty of opportunities for meaningful conversation and connection. Possibly over a coffee or whisky (see above).

6. Clarity amidst the ambiguity.

It used to be that the path ahead was relatively clear and straightforward. But now it's anything but.

We're living in non-linear times, and our minds can't quite handle it. We make predictions based on past patterns (despite the causal opacity), and yet cannot accurately predict the trajectory of things to come (as much as we like to convince ourselves otherwise). The more clarity and conviction you hold about the future—the more likely you are to be wrong.

At Percolate, we'll explore how clarity can be found on the path to relevance—without succumbing to the narrowed focus encouraged by tools of the past, or the frenetic and thoughtless pace induced by fads of the present.

7. Progress amidst the complexity.

I'm frequently (quietly) dissatisfied by speakers and 'experts' who fail to empathise with the sheer complexity faced by leaders and intrapreneurs attempting to influence change in large and multinational organisations (amidst enhanced volatility). Heck, even smaller businesses working in complex industries know that there are no easy simple solutions—otherwise they'd have already tried it.

Rather than dumb things down (and risk a recursive loop), Percolate does not shy away from the complexity of our times. Rather than provide quick fixes and simple hacks, we'll offer perspective—the type that will help you unravel a path amidst the complexity of your own context.

(I'm quietly quite excited about Josi Heyerdahl's session. Josi manages partnerships between the World Wildlife Fund and large enterprises seeking to do better for biodiviersity and the greater ecology of our planet. Josi will be providing insight in how meaningful progress can be made towards conservation goals amidst incredible complexity.) 

8. Time to Percolate.

We're building this into the day. But note that when I say this, I'm not talking about an abundance of 'empty time' in the programme. Instead, we're making the most of the time we have—mixing the right ingredients together, to give you time to Percolate throughout December, in time for the new year ahead.

What does this mean for you? It means:
» Better questions to ponder. This opens up new avenues of exploration, beyond your well-established habits, patterns and defaults.
» Better conversations throughout December—be they with family, friends of colleagues. You'll be able to ask them such questions too (creating richer perspective and possibility for you and them).
» Ultimately: it means that you'll have a much greater chance of unlocking meaningful progress for the year ahead. By taking the time to Percolate, you'll discover a path amidst the complexity and ambiguity.

What does this mean for your team? If you're magnanimous enough to gift folks on your team with a ticket, you can look forward to:
» Even greater curiosity, and a greater ability to explore alternative options to the default.
» Even greater empathy, for colleagues working within complexity, and for the emerging needs of the market.
» More meaningful progress for the new year ahead. By coming to this event, your people will start 2017 with fresh perspectives for the business, along with renewed and refreshed sense of possibility and emerging relevance.

9. A secret surprise. Something strictly limited and special. 

I’ve already said too much.