Videos from our 99U Local event

"For too long, the creative world has focused on idea generation at the expense of idea execution." 

99U exists to provide the missing curriculum for making ideas happen. We've been a fan of their work for the longest time. Their website is an incredible resource, and their annual conference in New York is epic.

We had the honour of being chosen as the ambassador for 99U in Australia. And—thanks to the support of the brilliant folks at The Centre for Workplace Leadership—we were able to put on an epic event.

It was one of those 'you had to be there' events. But if you weren't there (or if you wish to relive it), here are some videos from the main talks. 

First up we had Gavin Aung Than, the creator of Zen Pencils. 

Everyone says work hard—but what does that actually mean? In this presentation, Gavin shares his strategy for meaningful work, unpacking ace insights for all of us.

(I have a huge crush on Gavin's work—I so loved that we were able to have him speak at our event. He also took the hit for us in terms of the venue's slide remote suddenly deciding to stop working, and handled it like a champ. Btw—Gav has just finished a world tour for his new book. Go buy it now!).

Then we had Dr Amantha Imber, Innovation Psychologist and the Founder of Inventium.

Amantha shared the science behind why you need to stop taking advice. #brilliant

(Amantha is one of my closest friends of all time and one of the savviest people on the planet when it comes to science-based innovation that actually produces results. If you aren't already on their newsletter, get to it).

And then I shared some thoughts on how to use self-doubt to unlock new progress and growth.

The world values confidence, clarity and conviction—but this counter-intuitive approach is much more effective.

This event could not have happened without the support of The University of Melbourne's The Centre for Workplace Leadership. These guys are brilliant, and they're all about knowledge that works.

We don't know what's in store for 99U Local in the future—it's all a big experiment. But I do know that it's worth subscribing to the 99U newsletter, buying their books and attending their annual conference.

Oh—and of course—if you're subscribed to my museletter you'll be the first to hear of any similar events coming along in Australia.

Here's to making ideas happen.