Quest Mentoring

Organisational change happens because of pioneering leaders and their teams. Those special folk who lean into the challenge of making ideas happen.

Often, this starts with a simple yet persistent 'hunch'. An intuitive reckoning that something can and should be done differently. 

With some of my clients, pursuing these hunches has lead to major transformations in business models and work culture.

But making ideas happen is bloody hard work. It's an uphill battle, often alone, through doubt and uncertainty. And besides—everyone's busy. It's so much easier to default to business as usual. To keep making incremental progress rather than attempt to change the game.

But ah! Not you.

You don't want to default to the norm, and wait for disruption. That's why you're here. 

I have a mentoring program for you

I call it Quest Mentoring and it's something I do with executives that are about to embark upon an epic quest.

It starts with an immersion, in which we explore your hunch further: translating it into a well-integrated idea that can be communicated across all spectrums (big picture and details, rationally and emotively).

Then, we work up potential pathways, anticipate constraints and work creatively to circumvent them. Over a short space of time, we'll be conducting edgy but safe experiments, prototyping your idea and building a momentum of evidence.

Others will see the artefacts of your work and get both envious and excited. They'll want in on it, so you'll let them participate in the next round of experiments, all the while managing the various stakeholders and a growing reputation for magic.

By now, you've got the attention of other senior leaders, and your hunch is turning into something with real momentum and significant funding.

And so on. Soon your speaking at company and industry events around the world, sharing the story of your quest and how you progressed such a pioneering and game-changing idea.

All the while (well, at least in the early stages) I get to serve you (the hero of this story) as some kind of wizard-rogue archetype who helps you find secret paths, detects traps and use motivation strategy and design to circumvent the barriers that traditionally block the progress of new ideas.

Sounds fun, right?

Here's the thing. It is, but I'm now at the point where a heap of people want to do coffee with me to 'pick my brain'. 

I don't do that anymore, but if you are earnest about wanting to do the intrapreneur thing, and you have a bit of a hunch to progress — I'd love to hear more about your quest. 

I work with a maximum of five quest-makers at any one time

It's a very exclusive 1:1 mentoring program, conducted via Skype and in-person wherever possible, over a period of 30–90+ days, all geared towards progress.

Because of the limited number of people I work with, I'm quite selective. If we're going to do this, we're going to do it brilliantly.

So, to get things started, please complete the form below and tell me a little bit about your epic quest

Look forward to talking with you soon.

Hat tips and ahoy. What name do you go by? *
Hat tips and ahoy. What name do you go by?
And it might be good to know how you think I might be able to help. What are you looking to achieve, and what's getting in the way?