How do you motivate people to do great work?


Not normal work — robots will soon handle that.

I’m talking about great work. The pioneering stuff. 

The work that sees us venturing beyond the default. Progressing through unchartered territory. Questioning. Collaborating. Creating. Rethinking business models. Pre-empting relevance. Actually innovating (rather than just talking about it). Leading, not waiting. Changing the game, to make clever happen.

You know, that kind of great work.

How do we motivate and lead people to do that?

Well, there are two old-school approaches you could take:

You could try to change people 
which is hard to scale 

Or you could set goals and offer incentives
which will cost you 

But both of these don’t work for the future of work.

Trying to change people is fundamentally flawed — people don’t need (or want) to be changed. Behaviours, yes. People, no.

And setting specific, incentivised goals only serves to fuel myopia and narrow thinking — fine for formulaic (robot) work with predictable outcomes, but terrible for pioneering work. 

If you want people motivated to think, to be curious and to lead for the future of work: we can do better. 

There’s a third approach.

Make work inherently motivating

I call this approach 'motivation design' — it's the refreshing, contemporary, science-based perspective I bring to forward-thinking organisations who want to make progress happen.

Watch me share a few thoughts in this short interview here.

Motivation is the precursor to all behaviour, progress & change

Fundamentally, people want to do great work. But then we screw up the inherent motivation of work with poor motivation design. Or we let archaic structures and business models get in the way.

To lead progressive strategy and build work cultures fit for the future of work, we need to get the motivation design right.

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Oh and hey look, we have a bestselling book —

The Game Changer

Described by reviewers as ‘a heretical text’, ‘a slap to the face of conventional motivation’ and ‘a f—king brilliant contribution to the field of human behaviour’, this book shows forward thinking folk how to use motivation science and game design to drive progress and change at work.

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Some clients & praise

I consult with large organisations in the fuzzy space of leadership, strategy and culture for pioneering work. I also serve as a science-based alternative to your fist-pumping rah-rah motivational speaker. Here are a few things clients typically say:

"Jason Fox is a breath of fresh air."
– CEO, Swaab Attorneys

"His work is revolutionary."
– Founder, Thought Leaders Global

"The perfect guide for any leadership forum."
– Brand Strategy, Optus

"Incredibly fresh, clever and practical."
– Director of Talent Sustainability, PepsiCo

"If you're looking to progress new strategy, I highly recommend Dr Jason Fox."
– Vice-President & Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, University of NSW



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