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When it comes to motivation, I feel that we may be in the minority. The world seems enamoured by fluff and folklore. The same applies to leadership, strategy and workplace culture. Pithy clichés that sound good but don't actually make sense, and gold-standard management thinking that doesn't work for the future of work. The world also loves to fixate upon success — a dangerous concept that is as fleeting as it is irrelevant.

What's more important is progress — the eternal pursuit of betterment. And when we approach this with curiosity, science and reason — magic happens.

But ah, this is the about page. I guess you'd like to know a bit more about myself and the team. It's... actually quite awkward writing about yourself in 1st person — so! Allow me to switch to 3rd person, and present thee with a somewhat official bio.


Dr Jason Fox

— An Official Bio —

Dr Jason Fox is a motivation design specialist who shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to unlock new progress and build for the future of work. 

His clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, PepsiCo, McDonalds and Beam Suntory, and other multinationals such as Toyota, Sony Playstation, Gartner, Telstra, Macquarie Group, Commonwealth Bank, Red Cross, Suncorp Group, Singtel Optus, Origin Energy, AMP, Xero, Bellroy and the International Institute of Research (along with a bunch of universities and other research institutions). 

Some of Jason’s best work has seen him partner with senior leadership teams to navigate through unprecedented and wickedly complex enterprise challenges. Such adventures typically span beyond a year, and involve deep strategic immersions and a refreshed approach to leadership development and culture change.

In addition to his work as an adviser and mentor, Jason is an in-demand conference speaker (frequently booked over a year in advance) who works particularly well with sceptical audiences who have ‘seen it all before’. Jason delivers fresh and relevant thinking to instil new curiosity for meaningful progress and future growth. 

And when he’s not speaking at events, he’s creating them. Jason is the director of The Cleverness conference, Clever Happenings think tanks, a director of The Future of Leadership, and an ambassador for the idea execution conference 99U

Jason is also the best-selling author of The Game Changer—a book that unpacks the science of motivation and game design to drive progress and change at work, and How to Lead a Quest—a handbook for pioneering executives.

When not liberating the world from default thinking and the curse of efficiency, Jason enjoys partaking in the fine art of coffee snobbery, sun avoidance and beard maintenance

Meet the Team


Bianka Ganser | Business Manager


Bianka hails from the land of academia, where she organised significant events all around the world (often for thousands of people). She's got savvy in spades, and knows more about the business than I do. If there's anything you need — just get in touch and Bianka will be happy to help!

Dr Kim Lam | Creative Director


Kim is our secret weapon, the ace up our sleeve. She brings lateral thinking to our projects, and also partners with me to help clients visualise the narrative behind progressive strategy. When not bringing magic to our work, Kim's running her own projects as dangerlam.


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