I'm not here to 'motivate' you


At least, not in the traditional sense.

With the exception of once winning a badminton racket for 'best effort' I have no sporting achievements, nor have I climbed any mountains, broken or lost any limbs, discovered the 'secret' to success, or have any rehearsed inspirational stories to share.

But what I do have is a heap of savvy in the science of motivation, and how it applies to leadership, strategy, and the future of work. Which is possibly more relevant and useful.

Here's a now somewhat old video of me unpacking the concept of motivation design. You can tell the video is old on account of my beard being shorter.

People don't need to be managed or motivated—we want to do great work. But then self-sabotage, organisational friction, autocratic leadership, blinkered strategy, stagnant culture and poor work design gets in the way.

We need to go beyond simple pep talks—we need better strategies to make great work happen and progress the things that matter.

That's where I can play a part—but it's kind of hard to categorise what I do. Motivation design in the context of pioneering leadership, strategy and culture change probably sums it up.

But perhaps this testimonial explains it best:

Every year we run a very important event that brings together our most senior leaders from 23 different countries. These guys are all very switched on, and have seen a lot of the conventional ‘change leadership’ stuff before, but Jason provided something that was incredibly fresh, clever and practical. This provoked new thinking, and stimulated very constructive discussions amongst our leaders. Jason contributed greatly to the success of our event. — Director of Talent, PepsiCo 

We could call it perspective. Rather than bring the same tired old clichéd concepts to your event, I assume you've got smart and savvy folk in the room. They don't need the 101 stuff. They want fresh perspectives and insights with a bias toward progress. 

So: let's make clever happen

I've put together a bit of a guidebook for you. This pdf brochure provides an overview of the expertise I can bring to your event, and the effect we can create together for your audience.

This little guidebook contains everything you need, including a fee guide.




I'm not for everyone, but if you have a pioneering spirit and a penchant for progressing things non-standard, we are going to get along mighty fine.


Email (or call +61 411 033 399) to see if I'm available for your event

I'm usually booked 6–12 months in advance. If you have an event in mind, and you're considering my contribution, let us know early and we'll see if we can put a hold in our calendar for you.

Then, we can tee up a chat and take it from there.



Did someone say testimonials & happy clients?


No? Oh well here's just a few anyway...


We had Jason speak at our 925 festival in Helsinki—an event designed to empower Finland business leaders to think bravely and work smarter. The Finnish audience is very discerning, and we’ve worked with some of the best thought leaders from around the world—and I can honestly say Jason is world class. He provided insight that was fresh, bold and very pragmatic. The audience loved his wit, passion and highly original style, including hand-drawn slides. As a bonus, he was a pleasure to work with. — Creative Director & Founder, Idealist Group


The feedback about the Annual Forum was excellent and I have lost count of the people that specifically commented about your session. Thanks for finishing the day so well. I found your approach and content extremely refreshing. — Director, The CEO Forum


We made two great decisions when we were choosing keynote speakers for our annual Australasian Research Administrators Association Conference this year. The first was to have Jason Fox open the conference, and the second was for him to close it! 

Jason’s relevant, engaging, and (occasionally) irreverent presentation incorporated pop culture, motivation science, mixed media and had our delegates engaged and keen to hear more from the outset. Most importantly, his closing keynote provided a visual summary of key ideas from our meeting, and his cartoons continue to be a memorable and humorous keepsake for delegates well after the event.

 Jason offered our delegates unique insights into our profession, a mirror to assess our motivations, tools for reflection on our professional practices, and easy strategies for making things happen after the event … not to mention being seriously funny.

 Highly recommended for conference organisers who want to keep delegates engaged and finish their event with an hilarious bang! — Conference Convenor, Australasian Research Administrators Association


It was great spending time with you last week at our Shopper Insights in Action event in Chicago. You captured the conference themes and highlights in such a unique and special way that exceeded our conference attendees’ expectations.

I wish all my speakers could be as smart, talented and delightful to work with as you are. Thank you for raising the bar even higher than we dreamed possible!

It was an absolute pleasure working with you on this event. On behalf of the entire IIR team, thank you again for making the main stage legendary (and memorable and FUN)! — Senior Conference Producer, The Institute for International Research, New York


Jason did a fantastic job capturing all the ideas and messages at our event. It was a big program, but he wrapped everything up with humour and impact. Having the visual notes after the event is gold. Book Dr Jason Fox if you want to your event to conclude with a great sense of practical optimism. — CEO, Cotton Australia


Amazing! Jason provides a whole new perspective on business. — Business Events Director, NAB


Jason Fox presents a thought provoking yet humorous discussion highlighting the link between modern motivational science principles, strategy and leadership. Jason has certainly earned the title "the game changer”. — General Manager Australia, Australasian Society of Association Executives


We had Dr Jason Fox give an opening Plenary at the 22nd International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences in Adelaide 2014.  It was a new innovation for us, starting the symposium with a non-forensic Plenary, but all feedback has been extremely positive and we have been lauded for the innovation and new approach to our event. 

Jason was humorous and enlightening, whilst tying his concepts about ‘making clever happen’ back to our forensic science context.  His approach as our ‘Special Plenary’ was fresh and dynamic, and he had the right amount of scientific content and terminology to ensure he was at the same level as our audience. 

I would highly recommend Jason as an opening speaker for any conference, especially scientific conferences that need to start their event off with something fresh and innovative. — Director, Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society

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