Ahoy! We’re looking for a Business Manager.


This "flexible" full-time, Melbourne-based role starts in August 2016. It’s ideal for someone who delights in delivering exceptional human service and can nurture and build a pipeline of opportunities. 

You’ll read more about the role in the e-book below, but if we were to summarise in 4 key points, the role would look a little something like this;

- Nurturing clients & building business opportunities
- Driving our social media and marketing platforms
- Producing breath taking events
- Filtering the plethora of emails that arrive in Jason’s inbox (pertinent to nurturing our clients and building the business)

Does this sound like you? or maybe someone you know?

Read the below e-book to learn more about working with us, what this opportunity entails, and how to apply.

Applications are due before Thursday 14th of July 2016.

You can email hello@drjasonfox.com with any questions you have about this role.

We look forward to meeting you!
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