If you want to get the best value from Jason while providing the best experience for your participants, it’ll be important to adopt the recommendations listed below.



Jason runs his MacBook from the stage.

Jason brings his own MacBook to every presentation and requires HDMI input. By running his MacBook from the stage, there are no issues with fonts or embedded video playback, and it also allows Jason to see upcoming slides and dynamically adjust the presentation as needed.

It is worth advising AV technicians of this requirement ahead of time, so that they have the necessary set up.

Jason does not provide presentation slides before or after the engagement.


Wireless headset mic + stereo connection to room speakers

Jason moves around and interacts with every audience. It’s therefore essential to have a wireless (madonna) headset microphone available, with fresh batteries. Failing that, a wireless lapel microphone will do—but please: no hand held mic.

An audio technician should be available prior to the presentation to ensure all is in working order.


Let there be light, water, a tall table, a raised bar stool

Good lighting on stage and in the room is important. A tall table for Jason’s laptop and a bottle or carafe of water (with no ice) is needed and a raised bar stool is also appreciated (but if the stool looks lame, we can do without).

If Jason is delivering a workshop of a duration greater than 90 minutes to an audience of less than 100 people, then 2 x flip charts and/or 1 x large, clean whiteboard with ultra-thick markers is essential. Please note: most venues have atrocious flip charts and whiteboards, so let’s please check this.

For interactive workshops and breakout sessions, round tables are ideal, as participants will have easy access to pens and paper, and the ability to interact with each other. Please err towards ‘organic coziness’ and have tables placed close together, rather than neatly spaced out to fill the room.


Want to check the guidebook again?

This pdf brochure provides an overview of the expertise I will bring to your event, and the effect we can create together for your audience.


Still have questions?

We always make sure that we're in abundant communications with you prior to your event—to arrange briefing calls, and work out any custom adjustments. If you have any questions in the mean time, get in touch!


Email laura@cleverness.com or call +61 411 033 399



And let's raise a glass, clink your cuppa or doff your hat to a wonderfully good event  ^__^